Moving Image

Sunday Siargao


• in progress •

A portrait of a small island town.


The Flock

• 56 minutes, digital, 2016 •

In the late 1970s, families left everything they knew to join an extreme religious movement in Mobile, Alabama. This documentary looks at the children of the movement and how they understand family and religion today.



• 3:30 minutes, 16mm, 2013 •

An abstract lullaby of found footage explores patience and the uncomfortable state of waiting.


The Grounds

• installation, 2012 •

A garden of the future and the past.




Merry – Go – Round

• installation, 2011 •

An interactive video installation that discusses our movement through life. This installation was fully funded through a Burning Man Art Grant.




• 3:30 minutes, digital, 2010 •

Ideas of gender and power are explored through a familiar nursery rhyme.



Rememberance of Things Forgotten

• 17 minutes, digital, 2009 •

A short meditation on family during the 1930s and the demise of small town America.




• 2:30 minutes, 16mm, 2008 •

A fairy tale gone astray.




• 3:17 minutes, 16mm, 2007 •

Possession and loss are found within a nursery rhyme.



 The Rita Hayworth Masquerade

• 22 minutes, digital/16mm, 2005

Rita Hayworth was the symbol of white American values during World War II. The woman who played her, named Margarita Carmen Cansino, complicated this. This experimental documentary journeys through the myth of Hollywood and the disillusion of a goddess.



• installation, 2005 •

A video installation that uses sight, sound and tangible material to expose the many facets of stardom within the Classical Hollywood system and its tenuous hold on American ideals.



• 3:30 minutes, 16mm, 2003 •

Merging found and original footage this hypnotic piece explores the futility of perfection and the obsession to achieve it.